Upgrade Factory Car Audio

Fine Tune Your Factory Sound

The Factory System Pitfall

Factory sound systems with sleek, built-in, touch-screen panels often include low end speakers with under-powered amplifiers. You're often left with muddy, lackluster sound missing high or low frequencies. It doesn't take an audio nerd to hear how bad this can sound.

Upgrade factory car audio without replacing your stereo. You can achieve spectacular sound, customized for you and your vehicle. Schedule your visit to learn how we can meet your needs and fit your budget.

Add a Subwoofer

Does your stereo system sound decent but seem to lack on the low-end bass?  We have the solution -- an aftermarket sub designed to fit seamlessly with your factory stereo system to give you the look and feel of a true premium sound system without all those bulky amps and loss of storage space in the truck. Often these solutions can be far less expensive than options offered by the dealer, if in fact they do offer a solution at all. Most of these aftermarket options fit in a trunk pocket or under the seat to ensure that loss of cargo space is kept to a minimum.

Add a Digital Sound Processor DSP

Most basic and even premium systems have very basic sound equalization and processing abilities, leaving you desiring more. A DSP improves the sound in any vehicle with an existing audio system, optimizing audio signals and your car’s listening space, no matter what kind of car it is. Optional matrix processing, up to 31-band equalization, user presets and precision active crossovers are but a fraction of these unit’s features. On board power allows direct connection for existing speakers, while pre-amp outputs offer comprehensive system expansion. These solutions offer a great affordable way to get premium sound at a fraction of the price.

Add New Speakers and Amplification

Do you find yourself rolling up your windows on a perfect spring day when your favorite song comes on just to be able to hear it ? We hear this often and can easily solve this by pairing together high performance speakers and an amplifier. This combination allows you to increase volume and clarity while reducing distortion often found in your factory system. Never think twice about rolling the windows down again guaranteed. Come into our store today to demo some of the best speakers in the industry and hear your next system.

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