Safety & Driver Assist

Eliminate Blind Spots & Drive Safely

A number of driver-assistance and safety features are now available to outfit your vehicle. Technology is advancing and at Soundworks we make sure we stay on top of the latest developments. Most standard and base model vehicles skip these technologies to cut cost to the consumer, but that doesn't mean you need to live without them.

Parking Sensors

Add a Back-Up sensor system to your vehicle and take the stress out of backing up. These ultrasonic systems give you audible alerts as you back up ensuring you back up safely even if you cant see whats behind you. Sensors can be added to the rear bumper as well as the front bumper to give you 360 degree sensing.

Blind Spot Detection

With a Blind Spot Detection kit you can drive with confidence knowing that your blind spots are covered. This system alerts the driver of a vehicle is approaching from the rear and gives you an indication LED on the respective side. Once the turn signal is triggered an audible alert will let you know it's not safe to change lanes.

Dash Camera Systems

Being in an accident can be a stressful experience. Even worse is being in an accident that is not your fault. With a vehicle dash camera system you can ensure that your best interest is being protected with video footage. This can be imperative when a dispute arises over fault. Make it a closed case with a vehicle dash camera system. These systems can be set up to give you a front, rear,  and an inside view of your vehicle and in some systems can integrate with phone and cloud services. These easy to use systems can be installed in a few hours and give you years of peace of mind. Talk to a Soundworks sales specialist today to find the solution that works for you.

Other Safety and Driver Assist Solutions

  • Infrared Night Vision Systems
  • Motorized Lift Hatch Systems¬†
  • 360 Degree Camera Systems
  • Tailgate Camera Systems
  • Foot Activated Hatch Systems
  • Commercial and Fleet Tracking Systems

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