Custom Car Audio Installation

Thinking Outside the Box

Form and Function

From simple brackets to fiberglass subwoofer box design, when you need a one-of-a-kind solution, we have you covered. We don't want to brag, be we have some true artists on our team when it comes to fitting your audio solution in with the aesthetics of your vehicle. We will work with you, one-on-one, to design the best solution for your project.

Subwoofer Box Design

A custom subwoofer box design can be the perfect solution for bass loving enthusiasts. Some clients want to pack as much bass as possible in a trunk with multiple high powered subs, while others enjoy a more practical space saving solution delivering just the right amount of bass to accent their audio system. All of our subwoofer enclosures are designed using computer software and built to manufacture specifications. A custom subwoofer box can be constructed with all types of materials depending on the application. Wood, acrylics, and fiberglass are just a few types commonly used.

Amplifier Racks

Amplifiers are imperative in delivering solid sound throughout an audio system. Small, space conscious, single amplifiers can be tucked away in a small compartment hidden from view. Other multiple, larger hi-fidelity class AB amplifiers need a custom solution to properly mount and house them. We have the tools and expert technicians to create one-of-a-kind builds for these scenarios. We consider every last detail in our designs like wire management, adequate airflow, and serviceability.

Custom Pilar Solutions

Speaker placement is a driving factor in creating a true stereo sound stage. Often times manufactures overlook this when designing and building your vehicle. This leaves us to find a solution that not only sounds great but also looks great. Building a set of custom pillars higher up in your vehicle's interior housing mid range or tweeter speakers can provide near perfect staging. Soundworks custom pillars are often designed to blend seamlessly with the design que’s of your vehicle using factory fabrics, colors and shapes, giving you a true factory fit and finish solution.

Custom Trunk and Door Panels

Sometimes our solution requires the redesign of factory panels resulting in a truly one off creation. In some scenarios our clients and technicians work hand in hand throughout the design and building phases to ensure our solution embodies our client's vision. In other scenarios our clients give us a broad scope of their needs and let us run with the design and build phases. Projects can range from a classically inspired classic car or a modern themed resto mod design.

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