Car Stereo Installation

It's Amazing What a Good Head Unit Can Do

The Control Center of your Stereo System

Your Car Stereo or Navigation receiver, sometimes referred to as a "head unit," is the brains or control center for the whole stereo system in your car.  Having the right one packed with the right features is a crucial part to enjoying your daily drive. The modern car stereo or head unit has transformed from a simple AM/FM radio to a full digital multimedia center providing you with full phone integration, internet streaming radio, voice controlled navigation, and even social media interfacing.

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Benefits of a Smart Head Unit

  • Make hands-free calls
  • Listen to music on your phone or streaming app
  • Use your phone's navigation apps like Google Maps & Waze
  • Listen to Satellite & HD Radio
  • Use on-board navigation & GPS

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is the wireless connection of one device to another giving them the ability to share data and media. In car stereo systems with Bluetooth, a phone is most commonly connected to a car head unit thus sharing data and media from your phone and allowing you to complete calls, "hands free." This means there is no need to plug your phone into your vehicle. In many cases album art, digital audio, and even command controls can be sent from your phone to your car stereo head-unit.

Smartphone Integration

Car stereo head units now have to ability to integrate seamlessly with your smartphone device via phone specific cord or wireless Bluetooth technology. Phone manufacturers and aftermarket car stereo manufacturers are working together to bring you the best in application programs such as Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto. The newest advancements allow you to mirror your phone's screen and control your phone on the car stereo head unit just as you would your phone. This means applications can be run on your car stereo head unit including navigation applications such as Google Maps and Waze. With this technology there are endless possibilities.

Navigation/GPS Systems

Never lose your way again with quality in dash GPS navigation systems.  At Soundworks we have all the latest car stereo navigation systems packed with all the right features. Enjoy features such as nationwide mapping and turn-by-turn directions with 7.9 million points-of-interest (POIs) for destinations such as restaurants, gas stations and ATMs, and even text to speech for entering your destination on the fly; totally hands free.

Satellite & HD Radio

Satellite and HD radio have several advantages over conventional AM and FM stations. They are broadcast with clear, static-free digital signals and are jammed packed with channels for varied tastes, including sports, news, traffic, weather, and comedy. They can be added to your current stereo system or be a part of an aftermarket car stereo head unit

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