Car Radio Repair

Malfunctioning factory parts?

Car Radio Repair in Maryland

Broken touch screens, popping and clicking from your speakers or no sound at all? Repair your damaged factory equipment at a fraction of the cost of dealership work.

Radio Screen Repair & Replacement

Some vehicles these days come with advanced touch screen interfaces that allow you to control your vehicles climate control, navigation, and radio functions all from one or multiple screens. Daily wear and tear or the occasional accidents can leave these screen in need of repair or replacement. In most cases screens can be dismantled and swapped out with OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured).

CD Changer / Disk Drive Repair & Replacement

As CD changers and disk drives become more and more obsolete, finding replacement units is becoming increasingly difficult. When making repairs is the only solution left, turn to the experts at Soundworks to bring your disk drive back to life. In most cases we can repair stuck CDs, no disk errors, or lack of audio.

Poor or No Audio

Another common issue we see is vehicles with audio issues. These can come in the form of poor, distorted audio, speaker popping or crackling or in some case just no audio at all. Sometimes this can be an easy fix like a loose connection or a bad speaker or amp or something more serious. Either way, the Soundworks team has the proper equipment and years of experience to diagnose the issue in a timely manner to help keep the cost down for you.

Other Factory Repair Services

  • Poor Radio or Sat Reception
  • Lost GPS Signal
  • Radio Boot Up Issues
  • Stuck or Broken Buttons
  • Gauge Cluster replacement
  • Backlighting Issues

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