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The Soundworks team has a passion for high fidelity audio and we understand your need for perfection. We have highly trained and creative technicians to help bring your sonic quest to fruition! We continue to stay informed and educated about the best products available and have long standing relationships with the best equipment manufacturers.  Schedule a consultation today so that we can understand your vision and make a plan to bring it to life.

Designing Your Perfect System

Every system we build starts with a design phase. This is where our sales and install teams come together with our client and map out what we are aiming to achieve. Our goal with any build is to deliver a solution to our clients that meets or exceeds their expectations. This starts with listening to our clients' goals and providing education about their vehicle, options and possible outcomes. Through this process we come up with the best products to use and how we will install them. Systems can be designed to achieve all kinds of goals, from clear & accurate intimate listening experiences to high volume and bass guaranteed to be heard far and wide. Whatever your goal is rest assure the Soundworks team is here to deliver.

Goals of our Design Phase include:

  • Client education of their current factory system and shortfalls
  • Solid understanding of client goals with system
  • Multiple equipment options and differences between them
  • Full start to finish process of how we will install system
  • In depth itemized estimate of work to be completed with timeline

Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing, or DSP technology, has come a long way in the past few years and has become one of the most important components in a hi-fidelity build. The use of a DSP allows us to tune a system much the same as a performance shop tunes a high performance motor. With the use a DSP, tuning software and microphones, we can tune each speaker individually, adjusting EQ, level and speaker distance to provide a near perfect stereo tune for the driver or passenger. DSPs also allow us to rectify factory preset tunes such as All Pass Filters and Up-Mixers.

Hi-Fidelity Components

Component choice is imperative in bringing together the perfect system. Higher end components are designed to deliver and evoke emotion in their musical reproduction, but not all components are created equal, nor are they designed to produce the same sound. Take a class AB amplifier for instance. This type of amplifier is designed to give a warm rich sound vs a class D amplifier which delivers a brighter, more accurate sound. Building your system with the right mix of components is essential to achieving our goal of delivering the musical experience tailored to your taste and listening preferences. Click on the logos of the manufacturer’s below to learn more about the high end component lines we carry.

Sound Treatment

Sound Treating your vehicle is a process of using sound deadening materials to stiffen and reduce vibration in your vehicle. Sound waves produced by speakers can be adversely affected by the vibration of panels and metal in your vehicle such as the metal structure found in your doors. By treating your inner and outer door panels we can provide the speakers with a solid mounting enclosure to deliver exceptionally accurate and warm mid bass. In addition to improving the sound of your system, it can also reduce unwanted road noise giving your vehicle’s cabin the perfect environment for a more intimate musical experience. Sound treatment can be applied in specific locations or can be applied to a car's cabin entirely.

Engineered Installs

We believe there's a lot more to installing the perfect audio system than just hi-fi sound. The solution should be engineered to work in your specific vehicle. We design and build amp racks, baffles, beauty panels and more for your car and application. We use factory mounting locations and factory hardware design to stand up to the test of time. This also gives us the ability to completely restore your vehicle back to its original condition, should you decide to remove or transfer your audio upgrades. We believe great sound should make sense.

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