Advanced RV Sprinter Van Conversion

Nov 18, 2019

On this project the Soundworks team was tasked with refitting this awesome off the grid camper with a sound system outfitted to provide high- fi sound on those lengthy cross-country trips. In addition to a HI fidelity sound system the client wanted a 12 inch tablet that would be used as the main media source and provide GPS.

In order to mount the tablet in the dash a custom dash would need to be fabricated and the radio would have to be moved. The radio would be mounted in a pod on top of the dash to still be accessible but give enough room for the tablet.

The audio system was to be built around a Morel High end 3-way setup featuring Virtus Nano Carbon Woofers and Midranges, and Morels top of the line Supremo Piccolo Tweeters. The detail of these tweeters is incredible and was just what our client was looking for. Paired With the tweeters was an Audison Primo Forza Amplifier/DSP combo. This allowed us to actively set up with system and tune each individual speaker along with adjust the time alignment to ensure near perfect staging.

In order to fit the mid-range and the tweeter speakers in the vehicle we need to fabricate pillars to house them in. Molded pillars with trim rings and pressed grill inserts we fabricated to match the vehicles dash lines and provide great staging.

The Nano Carbon woofers were installed into the doors along with ample sound deadener matt and foam. This ensure solid mid bass presence from the speaker and reduced unwanted road noise.

Lastly the system was tuned with the DSP and a PC based Real Time Analyzer with microphone. This allowed use to tune each speaker and adjust levels to give the perfect balance of Highs, mids, and lows. This project came together well and the client was set for his long trips across the country.

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